this itch of writing: the blog

This page is about my original blog, This Itch of Writing. If you’re looking for the blog on this website, to keep up with news of my books and appearances, click here. If you’re looking for more about my teaching and mentoring service, click here.

This Itch of Writing was born in 2007, in the days before social media when blogging was the only real way to carry on a conversation with readers. And since writing is the only thing that I think about every day of my waking life, I decided to blog about writing. Since then, the blog has established itself not just among individual writers, but also in writers’ forums, and professional and university creative writing courses all over the world.

The title comes from John Donne, who complained in a letter to a friend that he had been waiting to have some news, as an excuse to write to him and thereby “scratch this itch of writing”; but as nothing newsworthy had happened, said Donne, he was going to write anyway. It’s a nod to the drive to write, which is also to communicate.

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