How Agents and Writers Work Together with Jenny Savill

We had an excellent Salon last Monday with agent Jenny Savill, who’s a director at Andrew Nurnberg Associates; we were specifically talking about how writers and agents work together over the long term, rather than just the whole “how to get an agent” thing. As ever, Kellie took notes as we went, and has blogged about it, over at Words Away, so do click through to get the low-down.

And there must be something in the air here in South East London - Kellie and I only live ten minutes apart - because after all the business of Christmas, and the run-up to This is Not a Book About Charles Darwin being published, I’ve finally got round to feeding the poor, hungry Itch.

Even so, I might not have got round to it, if I hadn’t stumbled on a wonderful Tumblr post by a librarian, which has inspired me to riff off it, with a post called As a Mentor and Teacher and Writer and Reader, There’s Something I Want to Say to You.

Salon Events

If you weren’t able to make it to our December Salon with Zoë Gilbert, whose wonderful debut novel Folk I enjoyed enormously, my co-chair Kellie Jackson has just blogged in detail about it. She also adds all sorts of useful links, so do click through to get a flavour of an excellent evening.

Talking of events, and Words Away, on 25th March I’ll be moving into the guest seat myself - my chair will be filled by an old friend of Words Away, thriller writer Caroline Green. We’ll be talking about The Art of Failure, and how to cope withe ups and downs and bumps and cracks in this strang road. Click through to find out more, and book a ticket.

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So my new website’s up and running. It’s been fun to work on - although as ever I’ve had to sneak the time to do it out of everything else that’s been going on - and I hope you’re finding what you want here.

Mind you, I nearly didn’t put a blog into the new site, because of course my Creative Writing blog, This Itch of Writing, has been out and about for a decade. I can’t move it over here because it would break the links for the dozens of MAs and other creative writing courses who send their students to the Itch.

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